Making humane decisions…

Thought for the day…when going out to buy groceries, or dining at a restaurant, really think about what you are about to eat.  Make humane choices as a part of your daily life.  If you would never hurt an animal, remove it from all things that are natural to it, like building nests, or grazing, then don’t give your money to a company who causes this suffering on living creatures.  Factory farming inflicts some of the worst suffering on animals in the world and also causes the most pollution in our environment from air, to water, to land.  Show yourself and the animals you love some care by veganizing some of your meals either with yummy vegetables or meat replacements.  You would not believe the great choices out there!  Your body and the animals will thank you 🙂


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Shout Out For Animals!

Greetings!  This is a blog for the animals…Animals have no choice and no voice in this world.  Do you love animals and care about their well being – all animals from domestic to wildlife to farm animals?  Then be a voice for them.  They feel pain and suffering, security and comfort just as we do.


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