Auschwitz for animals…

“Auschwitz begins wherever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks:  they are only animals” ~Theodor W. Adorno.  The conditions that pigs, chickens, cows, turkeys and geese live in are absolutely horrifying.  It isnt living.  It’s existing, barely, in their own filth, crammed up so close to their mates that they will have their beaks cut off off, their horns, etc so they do not hurt each other.  Sometimes they do just from going mad from having no space to sit up or turn around.  Female pigs lay in gestation crates all day, cant get up move.  I recently saw a film taken at Hormel.  There was a pig beaten with a cane.  She was screaming in pain.  Then her baby piglets, dropped on their heads on the cement. Can you imagine this being you?  Or your cats or dogs?  The majority get zero sunlight or freshair.  When it’s time to die, the slaughterhouse workers are told to work so quickly that often they are skinned or plucked still alive as often times, the worker will have not killed them completely.  Conditions for the workers as well are pretty horrible.  No animal should have to suffer like this.   There was a time when meat was a supplement to our diets.  When the Indians would kill a deer say, they paused and gave thanks.  The majorijty of their diets, as ours should be, are plant and grain based.  Get healthy inisde and out!  Don’t support anything involving animal suffering for your physical and spiritual health!


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