Make a connection and make a difference…

It is hard for us humans to connect ourselves to animals when we don’t actually raise them, when they are not members of our family like say our cats and dogs.  The fact that someone else does the dirty work for us, aka when you are about to sit down and have a pork chop, makes it easier to just eat and enjoy.  Here’s a fact about pigs – they are smarter than dogs and 3 year old children.  It is a scientific, proven fact.  Now think about what hell these animals are put through just to satisfy our taste buds for brief moments.  Can you imagine your own dog, cat, your own companion animals suffering like this?  then eating them?  Can you imagine doing this to an animal and slaughtering it yourself?  I am sure the majority would say, no way! You can make a difference for these intelligent, friendly creatures.  Please see this video from the Humane Society:


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