Help end the seal hunt…

Every single year the Canadian government gives the go ahead to club hundreds of thousands of baby har  seals.  Literally the mother seal will be lying there while a hunter with a nail-studded club slams it over and over again into her baby.  The cries of these animals are heartwrenching – and I’m sure you can imagine how painful this would be.  Just put yourself in that animals place.  Well this year a member of the Canadian Parliament, Ryan Cleary, is saying it may be time for the Canadian seal hunt to end.  The majority of Canadians oppose it, it hardly brings in any money, people around the world are crying out for it to stop, and more importantly, it is a gross, inhumane, horribley cruel act against a living creature.  Please everyone – speak out – sign an on-line petition to stop the seal hunt.  They are everywhere thru PETA, IFAW, WSPA, Humane Society.  You love animals – be a voice for them!


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