A few minutes it’s all it takes…

Morning everyone,

Times are very tough these days for most financially.  It’s always great to support organizations with your wallet, but if you can’t, give them your signature!  There are many petitions out there, many important ones that just require literally a few minutes of your time to speak out for helpless animals who have no choice or voice in this world.  It’s very easy to go on line to different organizations websites like Humane Society of the United States, Humane Society International, PETA, ASPCA, WSPA – so many that you can find petitions where your support, your name is needed to speak out to help make positive changes for animals.  Some examples are the seal hunt/seal clubbing in Canada, cruel and needless lab testing at companies like Nestea (I know who knew?), cats, dogs, pigs, goats used for military /US Dept of defense tests and practices.  You would be shocked and saddened to learn what goes on and what is inflicted on helpless animals.  It’s hard sometimes to read about these things, but would you rather continue supporting these acts without knowing, or know about it and protect the animals you have compassion for?

Thank you….


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