Vote with your wallet…

The republican primary began recently which got me to thinking about voting…by voting, we express our opinion, show our preference, our support.  When we purchase things from food to cars to clothing, anything, we are giving our money to those who make these items.  We not only provide them income, but show our support of these products.  It took me a lot of years to realize what I was really, truly doing when I purchased factory farm chicken, for example, or a pair of leather gloves.  I am supporting whatever it is they make.  If I saw someone abusing an animal, like factory farmed animals are, would I just go over and hand them money so I could have some meat?  No way!!!  If I witnessed the skinning of an animal, weather it rabbit, raccoon, even cat or dog (yes it’s true folks!), would I hand them my money and say “hey make me a coat with that skin.”  No way!  And really, I don’t think most of us would, because most of us truly love animals and feel compassion for them.  Vote with your wallet, folks!


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